What MidEast News Brief is About

So I’ve had the idea for a site focused on the ME incubating for years, and while it’s pretty different from my original intent (a Drudge-style Middle East news aggregator) I’m pretty excited to move forward with what I think will be a learning experience for me as well as anyone else interested in coming along for the ride.

Keeping up with events related to the Israeli-Arab conflict, the terrorist proxies in the region, and bad geopolitical actors such as Iran is not for the faint of heart. In all honesty, I can confess for me, someone who is pursuing a masters in Middle Eastern studies, reading about the Middle East rarely leaves me in a state of ataraxy. It’s rather a hodgepodge of fascination, despair, hopelessness, and hope, in a region as seemingly dark as obsidian and yet, at times throughout history, humanity witnesses the heavens split and the most mesmerizing, ethereal crepuscular ray shines down and enlightens its inhabitants.

Such fusillades of light, however, are rare.

War, death, oppression, and poverty are just a few of the unsightly characteristics plaguing Middle East reality. It’s a daily read, especially in the age of the seemingly unending Syrian Civil War, and an overview of the daily history of the region (aka “news”) is never a walk through DC during Cherry Blossom season.

So why this site, and why a Middle East podcast? For one, it’s mainly a vehicle for my own personal enrichment and education as I journey toward further expertise in the subject, and this medium is an effective and convenient way to interact with the nitty-gritty of the regular happenings in the region. Second, I love to do radio/broadcasting, and what better subject to podcast on than what you are learning about growing as an expert in?

So, who am I? My name is Winston R. Holland and I’m a Christian, husband, father, small-business owner, and student who loves to learn, grow, and communicate the information and ideas I’m learning and growing in. I’m currently pursuing a Master’s of Public Policy in Middle Eastern Studies from Liberty University with a view toward some type of engagement in the public discourse in the future. What will that look like? That’s a GREAT question.

Thank you for being here, and feel free to get in touch with me any time at mideastnewsbrief AT g mail.

(This site is undergoing mega construction and there is still much to do. I will let everyone know when the updated site will be live as soon as possible)

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