Ep. 8 – Tragedy in New Zealand, ISIS Officially Fallen, Trump Recognizes Golan

The world is rocked by a horrific massacre in New Zealand, Fox reports that the last ISIS stronghold has officially fallen, Trump says the US should fully recognize Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan, and we kick the show off with a quick visit from Thani Abuhamad.

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Articles Referenced on today’s Broadcast and More:

>> New Zealand Massacre

A Reasoned Response to the New Zealand Massacre
The Left Capitalizes on Terrorism to Target Political Opponents
Study: 450 of 452 Suicide Attacks in 2015 were by Muslim Extremists
New Zealand Shooter Hopes for Civil War – ‘Conservatism is dead: thank God’
Good Guy with a Gun Chased Down New Zealand Shooter

>> Fall of ISIS

Trump Wields Syria Map: ISIS will be gone by Tonight
FOX: ISIS has Crumbled and Last Stronghold Has Been Liberated

>> Israel: Golan, Settlements, AIPAC

Trump: Time for US to Fully Recognize Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights
Netanyahu vows to Build West Bank Housing Following Terrorist Attack
Democratic 2020 Candidates Skip AIPAC Policy Conference

>> Syrian Civil War

Syrian Civil War is Now Three
Iraq-Syria-Iran “Tripartite” Meeting

>> Hezbollah Terrorism

UNIFIL Confirms Existence of Six Tunnels in South Lebanon
German Leader Meets with Hezbollah – Supports Terrorism Against Israel

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