Ep. 10 – Persecution & Salvation in Nigeria, One State Solution, ISIS Prince Makes U-Turn

Nigerian Christians face terrible persecution against Islamist militants, Trump’s peace plan may not be your grandma’s peace plan, and a former ISIS “prince” makes an unbelievable U-Turn. All of this and more on this week’s edition of MidEast News Brief.

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Articles Referenced on today’s Broadcast:

The Peace Plan

The Trump team’s Middle East peace plan: It’s beginning to look a lot like one state
Trump’s Peace Plan: Grand Jordanian Citizenship to a Million Palestinian Refugees – Report

Persecution and Salvation

Islamic GroupsTarget Nigerian Christians – 300 Killed while 72 Supernaturally Saved From Firing Squad
Former Price of ISIS Turns to Christ after a God Dream ‘I Saw a Love that Didn’t Exist in Islam’

Ilhan Omar Urges Release Of Jailed Muslim Brotherhood Leader, Report Says

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