Ep. 11 – Tragedy in Sri Lanka, Jesus the Palestinian? Israel Elections Recap

Over 250 Christians Slaughtered by Islamists in Sri Lanka, Jesus was not a Palestinian, Israeli Election Results and the Big Netanyahu win plus more on this week’s edition of MidEast News Brief.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Revises Death Toll from Attacks Down by 100
Sri Lanka terrorist attacks ignored by CNN town hall with 2020 Dem hopefuls: Media watchdog
Obama And Hillary Clinton Called Out Over Sri Lanka Church Bombings

Palestinian Jesus

Jesus was not a Palestinian
Was Jesus a Palestinian and why would Congresswoman Ilhan Omar care?

Israeli Elections

A Primer on Israeli Elections {AIPAC}
Final 2019 Israeli Election Results
Israeli President Tasks Netanyahu with Forming New Government
9 takeaways from Israel’s historic election
2019 Israeli Legislative elections (the opinion polls are especially interesting)
Sanders: Netanyahu’s governing coalition is ‘right-wing, dare I say racist

Deal of the Century

Trump official: Unhelpful to use ‘two-state solution’ terminology in peace talks
Netanyahu wants new area in Golan named after Trump
Mueller report: Trump attempted to thwart anti-Israel resolution
Care About Gaza? Blame Hamas


U.S. Offers $10 Million Bounty on Hezbollah Operatives
Trump Administration Ends Sanction Waivers on Iran’s Oil Industry


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