Ep. 15 – Memo to the Mullahs – NEVER threaten the USA again

Trump chants “Death to the Mullahs” should they ever try anything like that again, Burkina Who? Australia pulls a Trump and oh my gosh, my gosh, MidEast News Brief has a producer, all of this and more on this week’s edition of MidEast News Brief. 

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Articles Referenced on Today’s Broadcast:


Trump says war will mean ‘official end of Iran,’ warns ‘never threaten the United States again’

Pentagon plans to send up to 10,000 troops to Middle East in response to Iranian threats

Iran Intel Defector Game Changer for Trump Middle East Strategy

The oil route that could become central to the mounting tensions between Iran and the U.S.

Trump Sanctions on Iran are Hitting Hezbollah Hard

Five Myths about President Trump’s Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal

How Palestinian Leaders Punish Patients


Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses

Trump Signs Executive Order to Prepare for EMP Attack

Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack (2008)

Deal of the Century 

Video footage shows Grand Mufti of Jerusalem doing Nazi salute with Hitler

Arab States Pressuring Palestinians to Attend Bahrain Workshop

Greeblatt full remarks at UN (video)

Greenblatt Full Remarks at UN (text)

Persecution Brief 

Burkina Faso: The New Land of Islamic Jihad and Christian Slaughter

American Colleges are Now Just Left Wing Seminaries

ME in the West Brief 

Australia: tough on jihad Scott Morrison wins big in re-election, “shocks” media and pollsters 

Ilhan Omar, in bizarre clip, jokes about people saying ‘Al Qaeda’ in menacing tone

Doctor’s career threatened for asking woman to remove niqab: ‘I’m not racist’

Quote of the Week Book:

The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism {Affiliate link}

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