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Ep. 8 – Tragedy in New Zealand, ISIS Officially Fallen, Trump Recognizes Golan

The world is rocked by a horrific massacre in New Zealand, Fox reports that the last ISIS stronghold has officially fallen, Trump says the US should fully recognize Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan, and we kick the show off with a quick visit from Thani Abuhamad.

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Articles Referenced on today’s Broadcast and More:

>> New Zealand Massacre

A Reasoned Response to the New Zealand Massacre
The Left Capitalizes on Terrorism to Target Political Opponents
Study: 450 of 452 Suicide Attacks in 2015 were by Muslim Extremists
New Zealand Shooter Hopes for Civil War – ‘Conservatism is dead: thank God’
Good Guy with a Gun Chased Down New Zealand Shooter

>> Fall of ISIS

Trump Wields Syria Map: ISIS will be gone by Tonight
FOX: ISIS has Crumbled and Last Stronghold Has Been Liberated

>> Israel: Golan, Settlements, AIPAC

Trump: Time for US to Fully Recognize Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights
Netanyahu vows to Build West Bank Housing Following Terrorist Attack
Democratic 2020 Candidates Skip AIPAC Policy Conference

>> Syrian Civil War

Syrian Civil War is Now Three
Iraq-Syria-Iran “Tripartite” Meeting

>> Hezbollah Terrorism

UNIFIL Confirms Existence of Six Tunnels in South Lebanon
German Leader Meets with Hezbollah – Supports Terrorism Against Israel

Ep. 7 – Let’s Talk Lebanon! Interview with Thani Abuhamad

Today we’re talking Lebanon! The government, the effects of the Syrian civil war, what God is doing to reach the people of this often overlooked state and much more. This week’s episode is a fascinating interview with full-time missionary to Lebanon, Thani Abuhamad.

Ep. 5 – Netanyahu Indicted, ISIS Holds on, Biased UN Report, and Kushner Speaks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on three counts, Alan Dershowitz disagrees. ISIS barely holds on, Kushner actually says something about his peace plan, and a UN report just shockingly accuses Israel of war crimes. All of this and more on this week’s MidEast News Brief.

Articles referenced in this week’s podcast

BREAKING: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Indicted on Three Counts of Bribery and Corruption: Here’s What we Know

Alan Dershowitz Publishes Open Letter to AG Defending Netanyahu

Mass Grave Found in Last Islamic State Bastion: SDF

ISIS May Plan Multi-million Dollar Revenge on the West (video + transcript)

Egypt’s President Sisi: Should the Jews Return We’ll Build Synagogues

United Nations Report Accuses Israel of Firing on Civilians

UNHRC Current Membership

Voice of the Martyrs list of Hostile and Restricted Countries (17 of which are UNHRC members)

UN Declaration of Human Rights

New Members – UN Human Rights Council Goes from Bad to Worse

Kushner Speaks About Peace Plan, Fuels Election Battles on the Right

Analysis: Trump Walking Away from N. Korea Increases Pressure on Iran

Israeli Control of the Golan Heights Gains Steam in the Senate

Quote of the Week:

“Diplomacy is War Without Violence.” -Benjamin Disraeli, Former UK Prime Minister

Ep. 4 – ISIS Down to one Village, the PA Feels Pinch of Pay to Slay, Antisemitism Hits France, Israeli Moon Lander In Orbit

ISIS is down to one small village, the PA is feeling the pinch of its pay-to-slay policy, antisemitism hits France, and a super cool looking Israeli Moon Lander launches successfully from Cape Canaveral. All of this and more on this week’s edition of MidEast News Brief.

Articles discussed on today’s broadcast:

U.S. to leave 200 American peacekeepers in Syria after pullout

India reiterates plan to stop sharing water with Pakistan

Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, warns Emmanuel Macron

PA to cut civil servant salaries after Israeli tax freeze over terror stipends

After marathon talks Gantz, Lapid forge alliance in challenge to Netanyahu

Indict the ‘ISIS Bride’

Nearly 100 French Jewish gravestones vandalized with swastikas on day of marches against anti-Semitism

IDF: Gaza children being promised NIS 300 ($83) if injured at border protests

Israeli Moon Lander Launches Successfully from Cape Canaveral

Quote of the Week:

“We consistently use the term Zionist as a dirty word, as if supporting the liberation and self-determination of a historically oppressed minority in its homeland is something to be ashamed of.” – Caroline Glick Speech before the Zionist Organization of America
>>> – Minute 3:00

Ep. 3 – The Peace Plan is Coming, ISIS on the Brink, and Iran is Still Terrible

This week on MidEast News Brief we spend half the show on Israeli-Palestinian issues, specifically in relation to the Kushner peace plan. It looks like ISIS is ever closer to their impending doom, the Pope and Sunni Islam’s rockstar Imam rendezvous in Abu Dhabi, and Iran has the formula for a nuke! This and more on today’s show.

Links to the articles discussed on today’s show:

Kushner: Israeli Peace Plan to Be Unveiled After Knesset Elections in April

Gulf States Commend Kushner’s Peace Effort

Netanyahu in Warsaw says Poles had Cooperation with Germans in Holocaust

Abbas Embarks on Trip to Wage Battle On Trump’s Deal of the Century

Yuli Edelstein Says a Palestinian State is not on the Agenda

US-Backed Forces Push to Capture Islamic State’s Last Territory in Syria

Pope Francis and Leading Imam Sign Covenant Pushing us Toward One World Religion

Iran’s Top Cleric Says Regime has the Formula to Create a Nuke

Netanyahu: Warsaw Sumit Unites Many Countries Against Iran’s Goals

Pence Rips Europe for Helping Iran Skirt US Sanctions

Ep. 2 – Fatah’s Facebook, Christian Persecution, and SOTU

This week our pals over at Palwatch provide a report of the so-called “moderate” Palestinian faction Fatah’s Facebook activity, and well, let’s just say the results are terror-ifying. Also, Open Doors USA has come out with their yearly report on Christian persecution worldwide, and you can only imagine where countries in the Middle East rank. I mentioned last week that we’ll get into some anti-semitism in the good ol’ USA by our own elected leaders, which is beyond abhorrent. And Trump did talk some foreign policy at the state of the union so we, of course, will play some clips and touch on points there, plus more.