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Ep. 14 – US-Iran Standoff News & Analysis, Israel, & Rewriting of Palestinian History

US-Iranian tensions on the brink, Israel is just awesome, and don’t we just love this group of freshman congresswomen and how they rewrite basic reality? All of this and and insane amount more on this week’s edition of MidEast News Brief.

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Articles Reference on Today’s Broadcast and More:


US-Iran Standoff Is No Cause for Alarm
If Iran Deploys Missiles in Iraq: U.S.-Israeli Response Options
Understanding the Surge in Tensions with Iran
US war against Iran is impossible, claims Iranian general
Iran facing ‘unprecedented’ pressure from international sanctions, Rouhani says
Trump Says He Would ‘Absolutely’ Send 120K Troops to Middle East in Response to Iranian Aggression
U.S. Orders American Civilians to Leave Iraq amid Iran Tensions
A New Strategy to Counter Iran’s Growing Power
Six charts that show how hard US sanctions have hit Iran


Kushner Satloff Interview – Start at minute 12:22
Behold Israel – Deal of the Century info Leak Video Behold Israel – Start at minute18
Location found in Golan Heights for town to be named after Trump
Friedman: A Year after Opening the Jerusalem Embassy – On the Right Side of History
Rocks, Explosive Devices Hurled at Troops as Palestinians Mark ‘Nakba’

Rashida Tlaib

Rashaida Tlaib Rewrites History
CONFIRMED: Rashida Tlaib Broke State and Federal Law By Lying About Her Address To Run For Office